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Comenius Students Interchange - Italy

02 Março 2015

Students from CEI had the privilege to travel to Gagliano del Capo from 2nd to 6th March within the Comenius Multilateral Partnership 2013-2015 - "Lets reduce our ecological footprint!", to share and exchange their views, ideas and knowledge with partner teachers from different countries and Italian students.

Indeed, this was a rather unexpected way to reinforce the ties between Comenius partners and students. Thus, besides working cooperatively to fulfil the tasks aimed at reducing our ecological footprint, they also had the chance to know more about Italian culture, education and daily life, whether by experiencing it first-hand, whether by engaging in a very enriching intercultural dialogue.

Besides that, students also presented the conclusion of the works developed within the Comenius project in our school and presented their view of their own school. They also represented CEI at the reception held by the city mayor and were keen adventurers on the study trips throughout Italian region of Salento.

We must also highlight the joy, the eagerness to participate and most of all, the empathy and friendship of the Portuguese students towards everyone involved in this Comenius meeting in Italy. We would like to thank them their hardwork and good humor.

Thus, as they were representing all the students from CEI, they will present their testimony in a session to be held in the morning of April, 7th at the school auditorium.

See you there!